Big Daddy’s Race for Time is a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting lung cancer research and education. Through donations, we are able to serve Central Kentucky in their research efforts of early detection, treatments, and the reoccurrence of lung cancer.

Our organization was founded in 2008 after the loss of Paul Feistritzer, a local race car legend, to lung cancer. Our board consists of nine individuals who are dedicated to helping our cause; as any cancer is a race for time to find a cure.

We may provide funds to other organizations that the board feels would further our purpose of research, treatment, or awareness and education of lung cancer.

A small percentage (15% or less) of our funds will go to individuals who need financial assistance in paying for lung cancer related expenses. Our plan is to have individuals apply for funds from us to help them pay for travel, tests, actual treatments or any other related expenses they may need assistance with relating to lung cancer. They would submit to us a formal request, stating the specific amount they are requesting and what the money would be used for. Our board of directors, or special committee would approve the request.


To ensure this plate is available for 2014, we must pre-sell 900 plates by 2013.

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Please make sure you give us the County the vehicle is registered in that the license plate will be used on as well as the person’s name the vehicle is registered to. You must pay this fee to The Big Daddy’s Race Lung Cancer Foundation and not to the state.

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