Fighting Lung Cancer License Plate NOW AVAILABLE! Get Yours TODAY!

To ensure this plate is available for 2014, we must pre-sell 900 plates by 2013. Here’s how to get yours reserved today….

Pay the $25 Specialty Plate Manufacturing Fee
via the button below.  Please make sure you give us the County the vehicle is registered in that the license plate will be used on as well as the person’s name the vehicle is registered to.  You must pay this fee to
The Big Daddy’s Race Lung Cancer Foundation and not to the state.


County of Vehicle Registration
Name Vehicle is Registered to

Please Note This $25 pre-sell payment covers the Specialty Plate Manufacturing Fee and will be credited to the amount you owe at the time of pick up at your local county clerk’s office. You are also required to pay an annual special license fee, a registration fee, and any required taxes due at your time of purchase. Your local county clerk’s office can tell you all fees/taxes you may owe.

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